A New Way

Traditional routes

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New solution

We believe that there is a third route to market that is more benef… 

We believe there is no better machine in the market and are confident of establishing our place in the industry.


We also identified that the industry is used to working to the methods outlined in points 1 and 2 and decided to offer something different for the distributor. We all know that the real profit is in the consumable aspect of the business, i.e. the film which is why all suppliers control the distributors’ film supply.

So how can we improve on this system and enable the supplier and distributor to work together and offer something new and exciting to the industry?

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So how does it all work

We at Fillpro will supply the Fillpro One machines at the best pric… 

We work with local manufacturers in each region supplying the technology and expertise required to produce a quality product that adheres to the standards and specifications of the Fillpro brand.

All current organizations have an infrastructure that requires manpower, storage and complicated logistical operations that are ultimately paid for by the distributor. Our model removes the need for all of these costs and enables the distributor to access the manufacturer directly through Fillpro.

We can remain a very lean organization and still deliver outstanding quality and support with unrivalled flexibility.

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The Fillpro Team