Machines FillEzy-2


FillEzy 2 is  a  very  compact,  durable,  fast  and  quiet  Air  Cushions/ Tubes Machine.  It  also  has  a  patented  temperature  control  system  and  is  extremely  easy  to  use.  We  believe  there  is  no  better  machine  in  the  market  and  are  confident  of  establishing  our  place  in  the  industry. FillEzy 2  is  the  best  solution  for  businesses  wherever  a  high  quality Air  Cushions/ Tubes  system  is  needed.  FillEzy 2  guarantees  the  highest  standard  of  heat  seal  with  unbelievably  low  power  consumption.

  1. Smart  and  simple  design
  2. Reliable  and  easy  to  operate.
Technical specifications
  • FillEzy 2 weighs around 15 kgs
  • It can run upto 50 rolls per day at 15-25 mtr per minute speed
  • Ideal for medium and heavy duty operations
  • It has a high power compressor to run air cushions, tubes and quilts.