Air bags that we offer are provided with fastest-filling valve and auto-shut-off that ensures safety of both cargo and user.

Fillezy can guarantee the highest standard of heat seal with unbelievably low power consumption.

No matter which industry you are in, we can provide you with integrated handling systems and storage solutions.

Our Products

Packaging & Cushioning solutions

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Fillezy goals

We are a knowledge-based provider backed by scientists, engineers and industry experts. We work with a conscious commitment to always do the right thing and we deliver what we promise. We provide our customers with revolutionary solutions that make them win and we share in the value created.


Environmental concerns in packaging is a key factor driving the growth of the air cushions market especially when goods are to be delivered directly to consumers.

Safe & Secure

Your products will remain safe with superior cushioning provided by Fillezy.

Cost & Quality

Fillezy cushioning solutions provide an edge over the traditional ways of cushioning in terms of costing and quality.


Our Worldwide Users

We  are  a  knowledge-based  provider  backed  by  scientists,  engineers  and  industry  experts.  We  work  with  a  conscious  commitment  to  always  do  the  right  thing  and  we  deliver  what  we  promise.  We  provide  our  customers  with  revolutionary  solutions  that  make  them  win  and  we  share  in  the  value  created.That  is  why  we  have  developed  the  FillPro  One  air  cushion  machine  to  compete  in  this  already  busy  market  place.  It  is  a  very  compact,  durable,  fast  and  quiet  devise.  It  also  has  a  patented  temperature  control  system  and  is  extremely  easy  to  use.  We  believe  there  is  no  better  machine  in  the  market  and  are  confident  of  establishing  our  place  in  the  industry. We,  at Fillpro,  supply  the  Fillpro One  machines  at  the  best  price  possible,  providing  on-demand  air  pillows  to  streamline  your  shipping  operations  and  reduce  costs.  We  can  then  supply  film  through  our  nominated  suppliers  significantly  cheaper  than  all  our  competitors. We  work  with  carefully  selected  specialised  partners  which enables  us  to  deliver  uncompromising  quality  and  service  across  Europe,  Asia  and  North  America.


Work with
big and small

"We have been using this company for 20 yeas. We purchase packaging material from them. They provide products at a competitive price, plus provide support service that is above any other company we use. I hope you find Fillezy products and services as valuable as we do."

Mr. Sunil Sharma, Purchase Manager, Fab India

"Fillezy is the “go to” company that I have no hesitation in recommending when our customers ask for the name of a reliable supplier for Packaging Material. The application may be for any packaging material, Fillezy has the answer and the right material to offer. The integrity and support offered by Fillezy’s very knowledgeable team, both to the end user and to us, the machine manufacturer, is second to none and ensures optimum success for our customers every step of the way."

Mr. Manoj , Warehouse Manager, Quest Retail( Body Shop)

"Our company started a business relationship with Fillezy, back in September 2000 when they began supplying our Packaging Material. Fillezy has continually met and/or exceeded our expectations whether it is for on-time deliveries or for new product development. Their aggressive approach to ensure customer satisfaction is second to none. It has been a pleasure doing business with."

Mr. Pankul, Warehouse Manager, The Man company

"The entire team at Fillezy is a pleasure to work with. They bring many years of experience in the flexible packaging industry to the table, are knowledgeable about current trends in the market and their level of customer service is excellent. One very recognizable benefit from Fillezy is that they have a technical person on staff that knows and understands the relationship between the flexible film and the different production machines. Everyone at Fillezy will go the extra mile necessary to serve their customers so I have no problem in recommending that they be considered to handle your flexible packaging needs."

Mr. Sunil Sharma, Purchase Manager, Fab India

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