Established in 1983, we have always been committed to continuous improvement driven by a focus on customer satisfaction and company innovation. We supply an increasingly diverse range of products to an ever increasing number of clients across numerous business sectors, from E-commerce distribution to Industrial protection. We are enjoying our successes with our partners across Asia, Europe and the Americas.


We aim to continue to grow a quality business with quality distributors. Working together to increase the market share with the right products at the right price with second to none support and service. We design, engineer and manufacture all our machines and films in house. We have a dedicated R&D team who are constantly innovating both machine and film technology with the ultimate goal of reducing our plastic footprint to zero over the next 5 years.

About Us

We  are  a  knowledge-based  provider  backed  by  scientists,  engineers  and  industry  experts.  We  work  with  a  conscious  commitment  to  always  do  the  right  thing  and  we  deliver  what  we  promise.  We  provide  our  customers  with  revolutionary  solutions  that  make  them  win  and  we  share  in  the  value  created. That  is  why  we  have  developed  the  Fillezy  One  air  cushion  machine  to  compete  in  this  already  busy  market  place.  It  is  a  very  compact,  durable,  fast  and  quiet  devise.  It  also  has  a  patented  temperature  control  system  and  is  extremely  easy  to  use.  We  believe  there  is  no  better  machine  in  the  market  and  are  confident  of  establishing  our  place  in  the  industry.

We,  at Fillezy,  supply  the Fillezy One  machines  at  the  best  price  possible,  providing  on-demand  air  pillows  to  streamline  your  shipping  operations  and  reduce  costs.  We  can  then  supply  film  through  our  nominated  suppliers  significantly  cheaper  than  all  our  competitors. We  work  with  carefully  selected  specialised  partners  which enables  us  to  deliver  uncompromising  quality  and  service across  Europe,  Asia  and  North  America. If  you  are  interested  to  find  out  more,  please  contact us.


Fillezy is a leading manufacturer of a complete range of void fill and cushioning solutions that have proven to prevent damages up to 100%. We have different solutions for light, medium and heavy duty products for you to chose from. We are a 38 year old Group and is the most renowned and reliable manufacturer of Void Fill solutions. We serve a network of partners distributors across the globe. By investing in new technologies, Research and Development programmes to improve performance, we strive to deliver the right product at the right price and brining delight to customers.