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Fillezy Hexa Paper


You won’t need to mess with sticky tape, scissors, or extra stuffing. The Fillezy Hexa WRAP paper is a honeycomb shaped paper for wrapping fragile goods. It also has interleaf paper as another variant laminated with tissue to prevent scratches. You can simply tear off a piece and wrap it securely around your product!.

It interlocks itself and provides cushioning, abrasion resistance ensuring you ZERO DAMAGES. More to add it is 100% recyclable, compostable, and biodegradable and has been made from recycled paper to save the environment.

Hexa Paper or better known as honeycomb paper is a specially cut brown paper expands into a three-dimensional honeycomb form trapping air pockets to provide cushioning and wrapping. The hexagons lock to each other, preventing unwrapping and eliminating the use of tape to enclose your items. This material is moldable to wrap any object and is available in a recyclable cardboard dispenser. The dispenser also comes with a roll of tissue interleaf paper, so the wrapping has an aesthetic barrier.

Our customers have been very excited to use this innovative technology that we offer a “green” packaging option that is also affordable and practical.