Fillezy has introduced a unique way to use paper made smart pads which are used for cushioning and packaging important and fragile items. They make the maximum use of the space, offer shockproof packaging for the deliverables. The smart pads have technical padding in the packaging which absorbs the shock in the transit and ensures that your items are safe in the package.

The paper pads are a useful tool for packing your items in the box. They crumble and take less space in the box. They are mostly used for filling the empty space in the box, to keep the content safe from spills, and turn down and absorb the shocks in the transit.

The paper pads from the Fillezy are used for following and wrapping the content in the box. They are suitable for any kind of item with irregular shapes. Cushions can be used for making the fragile objects in the box safe and secure.

Using paper-based smart pads is a versatile solution for the packaging industry as they can be used for a wide range of products. The paper used in the smart pads is recyclable. They offer the right amount of padding required to keep the belongings in the box safe.

The cost-effective way to provide padding for the box is an easy way to keep the items of shipping and courier safe. They have varying lengths and widths, which makes them versatile to use for any kind of item. Whether you are looking for a soft padded mattress like layer n the box or looking for smart pads for filling the void in the box. Fillezy Paper- Smart pads are an economical way to make shipping easy.

Here’s are the things taken care of when you use Fillezy Paper- Smart Pads

  • Packing with the paper smart pads gives cushions to the items and fills the empty space well.
  • Can be used to protect the box from damaging while sharp objects inside.
  • The use of plastic bubble wrap is eliminated.
  • Papers are recyclable and hence good for the environment.
  • They are economical and cost effective
  • Saves the items from scratches
  • They can be used any types of items no matter the size and weight
  • They are affordable and reusable
  • Does not need storage space
  • No capital investment needed
  • No maintenance

Advantages of using Paper Smart Pads for Packaging Manufacturers in India